Study Consultants

Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates, New York
*Economic Reseach Associates - Washington, D.C.
* Hill Studios, Landscaper Architects - Roanoke, VA
*Dr. Jean Haskell - ETSU Appalachian Studies, Johnson City, TN

*Thompson & Litton Engineers - Abingdon, VA

Cain Rash West Architects, Kingsport, TN
*Luther Cain, Project Manager

The Barter Green Committee
is an ad hoc committee of The Barter Foundation, Incorporated Board of Trustees.
Its members include:

* Dr. Robert Gilmer - Committee Chair,
Mr. Al Bradley; Abingdon Town Planner,
Mr. Joe Derting; Chair, Washington County Board of Supervisors
Ms. Rachel Fowlkes; Executive Director, Southwest Virginia Higher Ed Center,
Mr. Thomas Fowlkes; Emory & Henry College,
Mr. Byrum Geisler; Legal Advisor, Penn Stuart Law Firm,
Mr. Andy Hargroves; Abingdon Developer & Citizen,
Mayor Lois Humphreys; Town of Abingdon,
Mr. Kenneth Mathews; Citizen-at-Large, Abingdon,
Mr. Alex Anderson; President, Barter Board of Trustees,
Ms. Christy Parker; Director Washington County Economic Development,
Joan Ballou; Business Manager, Barter Theatre,
Mr. Richard Rose; Producing Artistic Director, Barter Theatre,
Mr. Kenneth Russell; Legal Advisor, Barter Board of Trustees,
Mr. Charles Yates; Director VA Coalfields Economic Development Authority
Mr. Eddie Yates; Barter Board of Trustees